Judge of the Judges
For the Pure and Shining One
King David’s golden song of instruction
To the tune of “Do Not Destroy”
1-2God’s justice? You high and mighty politicians
know nothing about it!
Which one of you has walked in justice toward others?
Which one of you has treated everyone right and fair?
Not one! You only give “justice” in exchange for a bribe.
For the right price you let others get away with murder.
3-4Wicked wanderers even from the womb—that’s who you are!
You lie with your words, and your teaching is poison.
5Like cobras closing their ears to the most expert of the charmers,
you strike out against all who are near.
6O God, break their fangs;
shatter the teeth of these ravenous lions!
7Let them disappear like water falling on thirsty ground.
Let all their weapons be useless.
8Let them be like snails dissolving into the slime.
Let them be cut off, never seeing the light of day!
9God will sweep them away so fast
that they’ll never know what hit them.
10The godly will celebrate in the triumph of good over evil,
and the lovers of God will trample
the wickedness of the wicked under their feet!
11Then everyone will say, “There is a God who judges the judges”
and “There is a great reward in loving God!”

New DC Leader of Free World! Hail, Leader! Antifa forever! Beijing Rules!


Do you want to ACTIVELY work towards saving our Constitutional Republic?

Keeping a Constitutional Republic is HARD WORK.

"We The People" have gotten lazy and distracted.

Are you ready to say "ENOUGH"?

American conservatism was killed by...DISTRACTION.

I am a data research analyst by trade. I used to follow the center. I used to follow the right. I used to follow the left. I used to follow the fringe.

I am done giving CLICKS, VIEWS, and SUBSCRIBES to this site over here and that site over there. I am done with groups who are posting the same MEMES and "sensational" news bites. No more pundits. No more talking heads. I am not watching TV. I am not listening to the radio. I am not subscribing to this podcast or that podcast. I am not buying books I am not donating to the local, state, or national parties. I am done with all those "speculative distractions".

This is what I am going to focus on: https://tacticalcivics.com/

TACTICAL CIVICS™ is my focus going forward in any and all "patriot" related things that I do. I am going to focus on doing what God wants me to do and how God wants me to live and I am going to focus at local/state level through TACTICAL CIVICS™.

I need 1% of the folks in each of our 3,141 counties to join me. That’s 1 out of every 200 people. Are YOU that “1 out of 200” Patriot? If so…Join Me. https://tacticalcivics.com/

Tactical Civics™ – It’s time to think Tactically.  Washington DC is at war against America.

Tactical Civics™ – It’s time to think Tactically. Washington DC is at war against America.


Every productive, conservative American knows the problems. TACTICAL CIVICS™ is the only action solution. With county chapter founders working from coast to coast, this is a group for those who are interested in starting their county chapter, learning the civics that none of us were taught in school, and spreading the great news: yes, we CAN end the hijacking of our civilization, in Jesus' Name. It begins with YOU! Go to https://tacticalcivics.com and then click on 'community' to get started.