WE SHALL OVERCOME, Song with Honor and Remembrance of our Politically Persecuted: & those who went to D.C. two years ago to ask elected officials to look at the evidence concerning election fraud before ratifying 2020: https://rumble.com/v24h9xk-we-....shall-overcome-song-

Actual Science of mRNA Deaths & DNA Alterations

SUMMARY: I am not actually a science-oriented person. HOWEVER, I can read. Today I am sharing info from science oriented people. If you can refute the data with a science rebuttal that is not a simple fake Globalist-science admonition of “fake,” “false” – without the reason, “misinformation” by telling why without character assassination, and YOU GET THE IDEA; then I’d love to read the scientific refutation. If you cannot, I’ll just call you a Left-Wing lying propagandist trying to maintain Globalist-Marxist control of the population via fearmongering.

Cross Posting most Jab death in history of vaccines & CDC lies. Cross posting mRNA science on DNA alteration: https://bit.ly/3Mg51AI
#mrnadeathhistory #mrnajabdnaalteration



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