Actual Science of mRNA Deaths & DNA Alterations

SUMMARY: I am not actually a science-oriented person. HOWEVER, I can read. Today I am sharing info from science oriented people. If you can refute the data with a science rebuttal that is not a simple fake Globalist-science admonition of “fake,” “false” – without the reason, “misinformation” by telling why without character assassination, and YOU GET THE IDEA; then I’d love to read the scientific refutation. If you cannot, I’ll just call you a Left-Wing lying propagandist trying to maintain Globalist-Marxist control of the population via fearmongering.

Cross Posting most Jab death in history of vaccines & CDC lies. Cross posting mRNA science on DNA alteration:
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According to this 2/24/22 report from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) Ukraine appears to be Russian toast without physical help. Since no one really knows who is pulling the puppet strings (a lot of guesses) for fraudulently elected Dementia Joe, I am unsure if America will do anything other than sound bellicose in support of Ukraine integrity.

If there is a button-pushing puppeteer willing to confront Putin, I suspect Russian ally CCP controlled China will attack Taiwan. If the button-pushing puppeteer has the guts to militarily challenge an invasion of Taiwan, the world as we know is over as nuke ballistic missiles begin flying.

BUT my guess is Dem-Marxists running an election coup-seized government and look the other way as they focus on securing tyranny in the once home of the Free and Brave.

Time will tell … probably sooner than later:



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