1 w - PlayTube

Origin of the Jews
By Christogenea
You will not be able to understand the problems we have today without know about what’s in this video. It explains it all.

3 w - Youtube
Crime in the UK
Sure, there are nice places in the UK, but to see towns going downhill or parts of a town going to the dogs is a sad thing.
4 w - Youtube
Lewis Wetzel: Death Wind
Lewis Wetzel: Fighting the Indians to make is safe for White Christians to settle in America. Most people don’t know of the horrible things that the Indians did who worship of the god Okee to White people.


We discuss Bible truths that most churches will not cover. We are biblically correct and not politically correct. We also talk about government and corporate cover ups – giving biblical answers to today's problems. We recognize that the White people today are the descendants of the ancient Israelites and that God's laws, statues and judgements should be the laws of the land.