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What Can YOU Do to Resist the Great Reset as WW III Progresses?
What can YOU do to protect
Yourself, Your Family, Your Community,
Perhaps, Your Country?

Today, June 15, 1389, a pivotal military encounter between Islam and the West took place: the battle of Kosovo. In its wake, Islam became a dominant force in Eastern Europe, subjugating much of the Balkans 'til the early twentieth century. The story of that battle — and why Eastern Europe's modern-day descendants remain wary of the religion of Muhammad — follows:

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On this day in 1098, after a seven-month siege the armies of the First Crusade captured Antioch (now in Turkey) from the Muslims. The original purpose of this crusade, proclaimed by Pope Urban II, was to relieve pressure by the Seljuk Turks on the Eastern Roman Empire and to secure safe access for pilgrims to Jerusalem.

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