November is Native American Heritage Month; WATCH & celebrate the beauty of their culture, relationship to the earth around them, respect for natural resources, art, dance, spirituality, and music:

Just uploaded this video of Spring flowers blooming at my Log Cabin home in the Smoky Mountains. The music is one of my songs, "Today" that speaks of New Life from a spiritual perspective. I hope this can bring you joy and help you to keep Spring, Hope, and Love in your heart and soul all year around. With love, Ann M. Wolf:

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Earth Day is April 22nd! The NATIVE AMERICANS TEACH that when making our choices, we should consider the effect on not only those around us today, but those as far ahead as the 7th GENERATION before us. We can all learn from this! When our hearts are right, we choose to honor our Creator/God-given resources with LOVE, RESPECT and KINDNESS; so we pray that soon, EVERY DAY WILL BE EARTH DAY!:

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Hi Folks - I reached out to you this week to see if you'd like to do a live chat with my husband who is the primary solar pioneer of the US renewables energy market. Many said yes. We are going to do a live tomorrow at 7pm EST. You can engage it on youtube and ask him questions. This would be our first live...but we will experiment and see how it goes. Mike started the first solar curriculum in the US, built the first solar laboratory in the US, and was the first Asst. Sec. of energy under Bush Sr. for EERE (Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy). He also ran the largest solar company in existence at the time and Assoc. Lab Director at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (DOE lab) for energy & environment for all the new breakthrough science in wind, hydro, batteries, fuel cell, solar, biomass...etc. He also stood up a clean energy research institute in China with Nobel laureates as advisors to him for two continents. So, he has good intel and guidance for you if you have questions. He is retired and likes to help others for free. We are building an off grid ranch here in the Smokies so he is doing off grid solar right now. Here is the info. for the live tomorrow eve. I share his background because he is really modest, and it is good you know you are talking to someone with experience who isn't trying to sell you anything. LOL. He simply REALLY knows this topic area and is happy to share with all of you. So I tell folks his background or no one would know since he is quite humble and modest. But, in these areas it is best for you to get information from people who truly understand this space before you invest so you are smart about how you approach your own alternative energy path. &

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Our first snow here at the farm in the Smokies...farmhouse tour celebrating the holidays.


I am new to this but am a Christian homesteader in East TN. I think there are many of us who live by faith, family, farm & freedom. I'd like to build a group of like minded folks who like to live a more simplified life where we can share and communicate with one another.