MORE Dr. Ardis on Snake Venom COVID Exposé

SUMMARY: I am cross posting the inclusive Rumble video of Parts 1 – 3, BUT FIRST I am cross posting a Mike Adams and Ethan Huff Natural News articles on Dr. Bryan Ardis and the heinous use of snake (as in Satanic) venom related to COVID … READ & WATCH:

SlantRight 2.0: MORE Dr. Ardis on Snake Venom COVID Exposé

SlantRight 2.0: MORE Dr. Ardis on Snake Venom COVID Exposé

John R. Houk, Blog Editor © April 14, 2022   Dr. Bryan Ardis D.C.   Yesterday while I was sharing Dr. Yeadon’s “ The Covid Lies ” ...
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The focus on one-time Tulsa ministry giant Carlton Pearson choosing to reject the Word of God for deceptive Universalism the wide path to the hell Pearson rejects.


For A Time Such As This: A Look At Biblical Prophecy

Even though I am a Bible School graduate (then-1984 RHEMA Bible Training Center. Now-2022 RHEMA Bible Training College), Biblical prophecy was not my focus. I know enough to be a prophetic-dabbler. For some (if not many), that is knowing enough to be dangerous in misunderstanding.

I share my early Bible education because I ran into a post on Salvation And Survival that has a Gog-Magog/Russia-China theme I found interesting but hardly can give it the stamp of approval as an expert – BECAUSE I ain’t an expert, but only a dangerous dabbler. I’ll let you experts evaluate the thoughts I found interesting:


Gog-Magog in Prophecy – Toss in CCP & Globalist Control Salad

If any Christian has read End Times Biblical Scripture and/or Christian End Times literature, a lot what is happening in relation to the Ukraine/Russia War, Israel and CCP saber rattling about militarily annexing Taiwan via Communist aggression has to have their spiritual radar beeping. AND SO, here are some Christian related cross posts that might be of interest:
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Intro to Oppenheimer’s ‘The same rhetoric, lies and trials are before us!’

SUMMARY: I’m on the Christian Ministry website Let Us Reason email list ... The February Newsletter meanders a bit but is a great voice on authentic Patriotism, Traditional Christian Values, exposing Medical Tyranny, exposing a Globalist Marxist-leaning agenda AND MORE. … The current political tyranny infecting the once Free World of the West will make ALL practices of Christian Faith a crime. It is time … READ THE REST:
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