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If We Wanna Beat Em' We Gotta Not Need 'Em

I do admire Freeman’s goal/agenda yet I have some uncertainty in a current attainability. NEVERTHELESS, if tyranny increases rather than decreases, combinations of both John Galt-style clandestine communities and Founding Fathers-style armed resistance might be able to operate hand-in-hand. Just to be clear though, Vic Freeman’s movement is totally non-violent resistance. If you lean to peaceful resistance to Dem-Marxist tyranny, you definitely want to read on how to participate:


👉👉👉 Urgent Questions on Vaccine Safety

Clear danger signals were apparent in April 2021, and on May 24, 2021, Dr. Peter McCullough, a highly credentialed and published cardiologist, internist and epidemiologist published a paper along with 56 other international scientists in the journal Authorea.

The paper, “SARS-CoV-2 Mass Vaccination: Urgent Questions on Vaccine Safety that Demand Answers from International Health Agencies, Regulatory Authorities, Governments and Vaccine Developers,” demanded the injections be pulled from the market unless or until safety concerns are addressed.

Key clinical concerns raised include:

1) The potentially hazardous mechanisms of action of the shots resulting in cell, tissue and organ damage

2) The presence of harmful spike protein in donated blood

3) Lack of genotoxicity, teratogenicity and oncogenicity studies

4) The effects of bioaccumulation in women’s ovaries

5) The potential for reduced fertility

6) The lack of a data and safety monitoring board ( DSMB ) to oversee clinical trials and post-market surveillance

7) The lack of human ethics committee to oversee clinical trials

8) The lack of restrictions on exempted groups from randomized controlled trials (RCTs) such as pregnant women, women of childbearing potential, COVID survivors (previously immune)

9) The lack of risk stratification for hospitalization and death in the clinical trials

10 ) The lack of data transparency

11) The lack of public risk mitigation (early and at-home treatment options)

The paper was sent to every health and regulatory agency in the world. Here we are in early 2022 and, well, you can see what the response was. It’s been nonexistent.



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Tyrannis Mors [Tyranny is Death]

Here Justin shares how the Senate Filibuster managed to survive yet another Dem-Marxist attack throwing at least a temporary monkey wrench in the Dem-Marxist power-control grab by Federalizing America’s election process to ensure continued ELECTION FRAUD on a national basis.

When you hear or read the Dem-Marxist propaganda news outlets claim “Democracy” is being threatened when sane members of Congress defeat the (tongue-in-cheek) Freedom to Cheat Act - YOU should recall America is NOT a Democracy where the majority opinion rules tyrannically over the minority opinion, RATHER AMERICA IS A REPUBLIC which until recently the Rule of Law should be applied equally to all. NOT the misleading Justice-Equity propagandized providing law enforcement for the few who hate the many. Dem-Marxists Lie:
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