Can this Nation continue to be a Christian One 'till the end of "The Beginning of The Beginning", The New Earth, even through the time of "The Lawless One", the one who may claim to even be "the real Jesus"?

Note: this is a long read, as it includes, with intention anyway, two articles, that are meant to be read, and all of which, to think about, even stop and think about, multiple times, when necessary. If you have any objections when you stop at something to think about it, please do say them; good debate, free speech, discussion about this, I strongly wish to encourage, even if it gets rough at times.

If Democrats wish to be irreligious(I think it has been proposed to be officially the "irreligious" party), seem to look unfavorably on The Constitution, wish to even treat it as nothing but ink on paper(as it might seem by so many of their actions, e.g), they wish to be "progressive"... It seems they wish to leave the implicit Christianity of The Constitution(take e.g how virtually all "atheists" seem to be democrats, for evidence of such)... I am proposing we be "progressive", and/or "proactive", in furthering The Constitution, based on it's original intent. Acknowledging that The Constitution and The Bible could very well be treated as having no meaning, if the people decide that, that we should seek after people as Jesus and his disciples did, should work to make changes to this nation, towards The Bible, do what we can to further legislate the Constitution, and it's implicit origin, it's original intent(see article below; it's a good read). They meant well I believe, and I am in no way suggesting we change their intentions for keeping the state e.g, out of one's personal beliefs and free speech(that statement about "defending to the death" one's right to say things you disagree with, I support fully), rather, we make it clear that The Constitution and this nation, is Christian, that we are NOT Islamic, do NOT cut a thief's hand off if they steal, rather we do what Jesus taught, that >we< are founded on The Bible, and >we< are this nation.To work to make this Nation more like Him and his will for everyone, in this fallen world. To deviate from Christianity is to do away with this nation. One can be Islamic here, have that belief, but they in >no way< can act anything out that seeks to harm, is against this nation's intent. We >cannot< give freedom of actions, child sacrifice, e.g, even if we allow a person who thinks that to live in this country. Let all be free, where it is under peace(under Jesus, the "prince of peace", in very simplistic terms, the basics, the one who gives true peace), without harm, as Jefferson says. I read somewhere that there was a variation of that "freedom of religion", that was >meant< to be for different denominations of Christianity, which I'll link here, and if that is true, and all that this post here says is, we are >legally< I think, based on the founders' intent, meant to never be anything else. We can have states(I literally mean 50 of them possibly, lol) of disagreement on Biblical matters, but not who our king is, lest we no longer are existent as what we are, are no longer seeking after him, as "One Nation, Under God". One can live here and try to make things different, with free speech and freedom of belief; by all means! Go ahead and try, and if it is furthering Jesus' intent for everyone, I hope you do! But we as a nation must seek after Jesus, and even if we mess up(different denominations; see> ),


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