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An upcoming #debate. I think it's gonna be good(unlike possibly the trailer lol; might depend on that one), so I'm sharin' around a bit. Gonna be live on Youtube tomorrow(see vid for time) #christianity #evolution https://youtu.be/GvzQP7iAy-M

This group is called "Non-Pagan Christians" but I've noticed more than a few gnostic and pagan ideas being posted in just 5 mins of scrolling and reading. Legalism will get you nowhere but hell. There has only ever been one being to keep the law sufficiently and they killed Him for it, that man was Christ. Faith alone, in Christ alone.

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Is your church run by globalist sympathizers? TAKE THE TEST. Listen to this sermons and see if you can spot some of the signs.

1) "How to drive the Globalists out of our Churches?":

2) "The Communists Want to Subvert You!":

3) "State idolatry":

4) "Globalism: How Does God See It":

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    Group is for Christians who do not add to or take away from the bible, including not observing unbiblical, pagan traditions that have been "christianized" such as Christmas, Lent, Easter, Halloween, etc

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