Next time a homeless person approaches you, don't do what your instincts tell you - to tell them to get away. Take a few minutes to do something profound.

Listen to them. Ask questions about them. Learn their name.
You'll enter a whole new world.

I think you'll be amazed to discover they're real people just like you. In fact, they could've had a life much like yours not too long ago.

Oh sure, they really want to ask you for money. And some of what they say is a lie mixed with truth. They'll probably know all about Jesus and are practiced at finding the right things to say.

Still I caution you to remember, "there but for the grace of God go I."

Give them the money. You're not called to be a judge or jury, but to help the poor. Just, wait until you've had a chance to sit and listen for a while.

And you'll probably also hear them say in closing that you're different. You're different because most people shun them and get angry with them, much less
take the time to talk with them.

They're lonely people and you have a chance to impact a life. Who knows but that scraggly, rough-looking man may be an angel in disguise.