I always love when people ask me the silly question, "Is your network marketing business a pyramid scheme? Too funny. It just shows me in 1 quick moment that the individual has never studied corporations nor any other group structure on this planet much in detail since the majority of them are set up as pyramids.

The major difference though is that any person can come into the MLM industry regardless of background, skills or alleged disabilities and be able to put in sweat equity to create whatever size empire they are motivated to make. There are no people that have been there longer than you purposely withholding information or attempting to hold you back at every turn like is seen as the norm in traditional corporations.

In fact, in our free enterprise model, it is encourage that if some one has the talent or ability to surpass the person who referred them, it is super since the referring person gets an over-ride on the results of that go-getter who came later than them and is doing better than them in results. How great it is to cheer people on instead of stomping on them due to fear of them taking your place or getting the promotion you prefer for yourself.

There are no limits imposed from the company for whom can be promoted. It is truly up to the efforts of each individual promoter. It makes much more sense to be in control of your own destiny than to have some nameless, faceless shadow person(s) at a company deciding your worth. Choose your own and then claim it. If you need more money, then work smart and hard and then capture it.

The ignorant argument that only people at the top make money does not apply to our industry since i have known so many people that came into the company many years after it started and people were having great results and surpassed all of those people in income.

Dexter Yager is a great example of this as he came into Amway in 1964, 5 years after it started in 1959 and for 55 years until the day he died last year, he was making more income than any other distributor. In fact, in the past 10+ years of life, he earned more than $1 Million per month. Not one of the people who joined before him earned even remotely close to that amount.

That's what I love about promoting a network marketing company. http://wealthfreedom.co/UL30