Did You know Love is a Spiritual Weapon? - WWY Vblog #18


Noe here with Walk with Yah ministry - a ministry that focuses on deliverance ministry, teaching spiritual warfare, and biblical application. I want to help people understand how demons can attack us when us or our ancestors have not applied the bible to their lives - and how that sin has ramifications for YOUR life today. WWY helps people get loose from demonic oppression so they can freely serve Yah / God.

In this video blog I’m asking ‘Did you know Love is a Spiritual Weapon’? Now this topic of Love is a huge topic so I’ll just be putting my spin on the topic to help you understand from a biblical & deliverance perspective. WWY focuses mainly on deliverance and spiritual warfare but that isn’t to say that every spiritual battle is won in the spirit realm. The demons can tempt us to sin but it’s up to us how we respond to that temptation. But let’s start with some biblical application & understanding.

As an example, I’m sure you’ve heard stories where a child was abused by a parent that was drunk or an alcoholic. In some cases those experiences will cause a child to say to themselves ‘because I was treated so badly because of those actions I will NEVER repeat those actions for myself or for my kids’. Love can be used for good but when used for bad it ain't such a good thing.

We see this alot with the kings in 1 & 2nd Kings how one king was bad and then their son was good or even vice versa. We see this in our times - no surprise there. The point being is that we can overcome some spiritual battles with biblical character. Now the curse may still remain in the bloodline but it can skip generations if those generations love Yah (Deu 23:5, Neh 13:2). So again, our spiritual fights with the demonic can be carried out in the flesh as well.

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