Despite the balls to the wall co-opting of the Trump presidency by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Van Jones, Lindsey Graham, John Bolton, and more, the Trump voter should never take their eye off the ball and be able to sniff out frauds. I'm going to give some guidelines that I use, and are currently available simply because Trump is authentic and not owned corporately.

1. Whatever the corporate news tells you, from anyone, it comes with an agenda. Therefore, corporate news is only good for clues about Trump (Hannitty gives away things all the time, such as even relaxing about a year ago because he has direct access) and a fact summary (Tucker speaks well, even if limited). The rest actually makes you dumber.

2. Neocon traitors (Comey, Mueller) from the W. Bush era are still dominant in many Republican circles. In my book, these people are the lowest scum on earth. You know, the Ben Shapiros and Glenn Becks of the world, who look to corporate approved sources for inspiration and guidance. Truth is, the modern corporate structure is broken, just as broken as the government, and only greedy rats like Beck and Bill Kristol are left. Of course, like the deep state vermin who tried to sabotage Reagan (GW Bush), they will always be around because most people, like Beck, will sell their souls for power and money. How can you spot one? A. They defend large corporations, B. They love aggressive foriegn policy, C. They hate tariffs.

3. Before Trump, the Republican party was about done. I voted Reagan, then HW, but Ind. after that because I could see this coming (very few could, it's not a dig). A true Trump voter hates what the military has done in our name and with our money, since 1992. A true Trump voter wants China brought to its knees and understands how big business profits of the rape of the American worker. A true Trump voter hates big business (which doesn't make this country run, or get better) as much as she hates big business. A true Trump voter understands immigration is killing us every day, unless the government changes. A true Trump voter understands that the country is big enough for millions of immigrants, only if citizens are protected and truly free.

4. The left is now undergoing what the right faced in 2016. Nobody is reporting it yet, but the D party is in deep deep turmoil. The corporate media covers it up, because it threatens the status quo, which is unsustainable. The left will end up either electing a radical (tell me how one gets elected without carrying California) or splitting up, unless a guy like Bill Clinton comes along (who was not a radical, just a sex hound) and saves them again. What's going to happen is that the progressives are going to gravitate towards Bernie Sanders. And the neolib fascists are going to try and again destroy the man, like a group within the DoJ has already attempted, in indicting his wife. These neolibs, like Schumer, Pelosi, Harris, et al. are tied to the power structure and Bernie is not. That's why he was targeted before.

So I would encourage people to think a little deeper, especially at the mother ship, @Infowars and understand the mechanics of the upcoming election a little better. For all his faults, Bernie understands the problems we face, and is NOT beholden to the D power structure. Look at the source of funds - it's people. Or, like in Trump's case, himself. For that reason, and that reason alone, I believe Bernie, but no others in the D party, should be respected, even encouraged. You see, Bernie does not play the "get whitey" game, like empty suit Biden. He could, and it hurts him because of radicals on his left. Do I agree with Bernie's solutions? Some.

A: Sanders is a lot closer to Trump (who clearly has a soft spot for him, as he should) that, say, Mitt Romney or Jeff Flake, or any neocon. And Trump is closer to Sanders than Sanders is to Schumer or Durbin.

Sanders slams identity politics as Democrats figure out their future - POLITICO

Sanders slams identity politics as Democrats figure out their future - POLITICO

“It’s not good enough for someone to say, I’m a woman! Vote for me!’”