Twenty-three counties in Illinois voted to separate their counties from Chicago according to preliminary results posted by county clerks Nov 3 or reported by phone Nov 4. The attached map displays the results I collected. Three of these counties voted in March, not this month.

One county was 63% in favor and the other 23 counties were between 70% and 80% in favor.

The largest group of counties that voted on the issue are a group bordering southern Indiana. Although the Illinois General Assembly would be reluctant to add two Republicans to the US Senate, it is possible that it might be willing to let these counties share Indiana’s senators. Getting rid of these counties would actually improve Illinois’ state budget outlook. Yet if Indiana is choosy about which counties it selects, it could choose a group of counties that would match Indiana’s average income.

Illinois’ legislature certainly wouldn’t miss the republican state legislators that downstate Illinois sends to Springfield. As the Left and Right in America grow more distant, and the friction between them grows more dangerous, moving state borders may be the necessary way to de-escalate. It's been done before many times in history. For more on this, see

Contrary to reports, the author of the petitions and signature-collection efforts is Collin Cliburn of “The Illinois Separation”, not GH Merrit’s New Illinois. Collin is reachable for interviews