Dems want a peaceful transfer of power, and they will still have to wait until Dec 8, to be sure they won. Even so, I will not forget, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 how peaceful the Dems have been. I will not forget the 4 years of hell they raised with America, and conservatives in general. Though I fought for, and marched for civil rights in the 60's, while in 64, they filibustered against the civil right act, for 160 hours, (a record which will never be broken), they call me a racist. For no other reason than I admit to being a conservative. That is the least worst thing they have called all Trump supporters in general. Will I forget, NO HOW, AND NO WAY. Yet I will not riot, burn, loot or break the law. I will defend my family, property, and our rights with my life if need be, should they attack me or my family. If they leave me alone, they will be safe, and we will see the outcome of the next election.