I am not a Democrat and not a Republican, I thought I was a Republican for a long time until I realized that just like the democrats all that they wanted was power and our money. Then along came Trump, who ran as a Republican but truly was not. We that voted for him twice saw an imperfect Man that we thought would actually do what he said he would do, and could not be bought. Guess what we were right, in 4 years with both the DemoCommies and Republmoneymongers doing everything they could to bring him down, President Trump Did more for America in 4 years than the last 4 Presidents combined! So in this last election, both parties conspired to steal away what the people wanted which was four more years of prosperity and having America be Proud again. Even Vice PresidentPence betrayed him in the end. I think I must be living in the TWILIGHT ZONE!