It was bad enough that troops were sent home with COVID (unchecked until they returned to their home states). It was horrible that they were forced into a cold garage where they had to sleep on cement and they had to share a single bathroom.

But now we have the latest attempt to kill off our military. And it's not coming from ISIS. It stems from Democrat incompetency.

From the very beginning, the Democrats who called these troops to defend the Capitol from an imaginary attack were being catered by local restaurants that contracted with the government to provide meals.

While Democrat leadership enjoys the food provided at the Capitol Cafe or the Senate Diningroom, the troops get pretty crappy stuff delivered to them daily.

There was a big news story about a local pizza place delivering pizza to the troops as though it were a daily thing. It was not. It was contracted through the Pentagon.

Among the things currently making the troops ill:

Metal shavings found in food.
Raw beef and undercooked chicken.
Food that was cold due to long delivery waits.

Troops are also grossly underfed. The average active-duty soldier requires a minimum of 2000 calories a day. One apple, a glazed donut, and a child's fruit drink just don't cut it.

So now the soldiers are living on MREs. I guess that's better but really?

Maybe the soldiers should take over the Capitol Cafe and the Senate Diningroom. They deserve much better food than fat politicians do.