We all want to feel we know about our world, our government, and how it affects our lives. Well, the time has finally arrived that not unlike any 3rd world country, we really do not know anything that is true about our government, The lies are rampant, The misinformation, the propaganda trumps Russians KGB and the Peoples Republic of both China and North Korea. So here is wajhat we do know, Our deep state will stop at nothing for complete control of our every move. They will continue to tell us lies to keep us divided, and most importantly, they will continue to come after our Constitutional "Rights" or as they prefer to call them, "impediments to complete control". They only thing we have is our patriotism but they are tearing at that too, a country divided is at the mercy of its tyrants. So is it time or, it is time, For what you say? You know what is right, you know what is wrong, DO NOT LET YOUR RIGHTS BE TAKEN! Despite the 0.2% death rate of the dreaded Covid 19, You need to meet with like minded people. Talk, discuss, provoke, plan for the worst. But know one thing for sure, we no longer the United States from 1 year ago and I fear we have watched too long and neglected our duty. Mice or Men?