Joe Biden said he would be a uniter, yet everything he has done since he stole the presidency has caused further division and harm to America and her inhabitants. Make no mistake about it folks Biden is a tyrant and he wants to destroy our right to bear arms like previous tyrants have done so many time throughout history.  

In the FPC link below is some very important information on proposed gun control by king Biden via Executive order. There's also some terrible gun control bills that the left is trying to jam into law through Congress and then the left wants an anti gunner to head the atf.  In the attached link FPC describes what is happening then below each summary there is a link.  Click on the underlined word link.   It opens up a form to fill out.  Put your name, address and email on it and submit it.  Our elected officials need to hear from us in mass to stop this unconstitutional gun grab from the left.  Please share. Thanks. - Frank


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FPCAction.org - FPC Grassroots Army: Take Action!

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