TIPS For Maskless Shopping:

1. Smile.

2) You can tell them you have a "medical condition" or just let them know you can't wear a mask and keep walking. Don't try to negotiate with the employees or customers about medical conditions, HIPAA, the governor, the Constitution, laws, freedom, etc. Just ignore them and proceed with your shopping with a smile. Just saying something like "God bless you, have a nice day" is an easy response that lowers tensions.

3) Once you find stores what let you shop without a mask, keep shopping there and let them know you appreciate it.

4. Try to look normal and remain calm, cool, collected. When other people freak out, THEY will look crazy, not you. Make maskless shopping look normal and fun so others will want to join in.

5. If you see other's who are mask-less, give them a big smile and say something because they will usually be really happy to see another naked face.

6. You can trying wearing or showing a "Medical Mask Exemption" card. There are some places it will work but others will not care and still tell you to put on a mask or leave. See the card here...

7. If you are refused service ... this is when you have to decide if you are going to leave or just keep shopping anyway. If you stay... Hit record on your cell phone to get it on video because we want to see how they treated you during the time you are there. You might get all the way to paying and they still might refuse to check you out. You can stand there and wait but they could call the cops for trespassing or you can just leave and make them put everything away... I would also give them NEGATIVE review on google maps / Yelp because businesses love their ratings. If enough people leave BAD reviews about masks it might make them change their policies faster.

Is there anything we should add to this list?

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