Four weeks after having lifted all of its anti-coronavirus measures, Iceland is now once again slumping into a partial lockdown, the news outlet Iceland Review reported.

Yet, around 90 percent of all Icelandic residents over age 16 have received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

In other words, the "new wave" of Covid cases is occurring in a majority of VACCINATED people.

Please note that the calls for MORE vaccination, despite the fact the vaccines do NOT stop transmission, infection, or death ... are not about keeping you safe. They're about making you obey.

I say resist because this isn't about immunity.

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Breaking: Domestic Restrictions Reimposed in Iceland

Breaking: Domestic Restrictions Reimposed in Iceland

A 200-person gathering limit, one-metre distancing, and restricted opening hours for bars and nightclubs will be reimposed in Iceland just four weeks after all domestic restrictions due to COVID-19 were lifted. The restrictions are based on recommend