Make America Straight Again!
One More Very Good Reason to #BoycottBudweiser. I'm not generally a fan of PETA because some of their causes are just 'out there' but this is one that cannot be ignored.

Could this be the cause of the recent accident in Austin, Texas? Perhaps this is why they have no problem with kids lopping their #hoohahs off?

Worried about others listening to your phone calls? Want to stop them?

Keep your conversations private with Defense Enabling and Assisting Framework . Keep your privacy by cloaking the transmissions of calls to and from your phone.

DEAF is the product #JulianAssange , #EdwardSnowden , #DonaldTrump , and the professionals use. President Trump and his campaign used DEAF during both elections on 96 different phones.

How does DEAF work?
DEAF is a unique, proprietary hardware and software system that acts as a highly evolved cloaking device. It uses quantum-based computing to hide your communications from the government's and all others' prying eyes. Your calls both incoming and outgoing, are discovered and protected before they are connected.

Developed over five years by three leading computer scientists, DEAF cloaks all transmissions received or sent from your phone, making their contents undetectable. Obfuscating data and voice transmissions using innovative technologies prevents third-party intrusion.

When an attempt has been made to hack into your phone, and someone is trying to listen, your call will be dropped immediately.

DEAF was tested on phones in several industries where secure communications can be a life or death situation. Despite countless attempts, there was no successful third-party incursion of any of the phones. In 2017, DEAF services were made available to the general public.

Defense Enabling and Assisting Framework was created by Dr. Jim Garrow, who is a former U.S. Intelligence agent.

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