Lieberman is exchanging one flawed idea, for another. The issue is not the PA's leadership, or the radicalization of the muslims of Israel, 7% of Saudi citizens would agree to allow the Prime Minister of Israel into their country for a visit. The arab muslims have never had a civil rights movement, they are still Jew haters in mass, and they are heavily influenced by their religion, and its book, the koran, denies Jews equal rights before the law, it calls for the subjugation of the Jewish people to islam, and ultimately, it calls for the Jewish peoples destruction.
Regardless if you think these attributes are permanent, or temporary, they certainly will take a very long time to change, especially with the muslim world having authoritarian laws, and violence defending their islamic regimes.
As well as the american and european media, totally dominated by the left, that openly calls for censorship of all criticism of islam, so as to reduce the violent attacks made by muslims against them, to the greatest degree possible. America and europe are completely invested in multiculturalism, which is substantially refuted by the notion that a people with violent and supremacist objectives exist, who have rejected integration into the west, who will require application of different, unequal, standards, as well as other security procedures, and economic treatment, in order to be managed or expelled.
As for now the west simply censors the violence and terrorism, seemingly awaiting the complete collapse of the west, or perhaps a justification to implement authoritarian control over it. Allowing the Jews of Israel to be attacked by muslims, until the west collapses, or falls under authoritarian control, is not an option. Neither is pretending that the forces that compel muslim nations to support war against the Jews, can be contained by the Jordanians or the Egyptians.
Israel must defend its borders, its legal rights, its legitimacy among the Jews of Israel and the world. It must recognize that multiculturalism does not work for the Jewish people, and probably does not work in the west. Israel must end this multicultural experiment, and relocate gentiles out of Israel. Then Israel will be more secure than it has ever been, it will suffer less non Jewish crime than it has ever suffered, it will suffer less terrorism than it has ever experienced in its 80 years of existence. Just like the polish and the Hungarians have repeatedly said homogeny works. In G-d I trust.