It seems common for women to demand that their feelings are expressed and considered, before other people are allowed to decide how they feel about things. They don’t seem to acknowledge that they hurt the feelings of men often, insulting their self worth, when they usually are not capable of doing much themselves, and are often punishing men for some behavior, or level of articulation they saw on tv.
Along with the tvs wildly inaccurate depiction of American and world finances. Men may be guilty as well, perhaps not being patient enough, not valuing feelings enough, or this might not be an issue for them as a group, as much as it is for women. Women are often bigger believers in the equality of all people more than men, that includes thinking they can talk to their men, like they talk to their female friends. They often don’t like them either.
Probably bs. Nothing confirmable, dont care enough to read through articles. I dont think 'dog whistles' matter to me anymore. Heal the world, or piss off and die already. In G-d I trust.
The only good thing about converting to islam is that you are allowed to rape and kill leftist women, men and homosexuals.
Some claim that tick tok and the internet created Jew hatred? Sorry, you have been living during the censorship period of time, when millions of gentiles, including white ones, were not allowed to say what they thought, or they were afraid to do so.
An opportunity occurred to me, the American left can get violent if we say something they consider racist, but not if we accused the left of wrong doing. For instance, the left is responsible for covering up the mass murder of Christians in Africa, the left is guilty of covering up the mass murder of hindus in India. The left is guilty of censoring hate crimes against Jews in America and Europe. The left is guilty of covering up hate crimes against white gentile people. The left is guilty of covering up the targeting of white girls in the uk, in Europe, in America, and Jewish girls in Israel.
It’s a bit weird, the muslims are now blaming America for Israel.
Many americans seem to take the view that politics in the workplace is toxic, they support censorship, which usually ends up being anti right wing and anti Jewish. I wonder why they cant even imagine standing up to the left?
The white gentiles want Israel to beg the muslims for peace, they cant talk about the security risk that muslims represent to Jews, nor the predictable violence and death that Jews living with muslims, will suffer. With undefendable borders, and unclear sovereignty, their two state solution is nothing more than another megadeath situation that will inevitably occur.
They do not agree to judge muslims accurately in American media or schools, so their public opinion is useless in understanding the level of threat Jew hating muslims represent. They don’t even acknowledge that arab muslims can be racist. They are mostly one race, and regardless of arab muslim skin color, Jew hatred is possible, but that is the stupid level of discourse permitted in much of the American right wing media.
They don’t beg the muslims for peace, because they don’t even explain why arab muslims are a problem. An empire of ignorant censored people. 5 Major wars in muslim countries, over two decades, and they don’t even disclose what they are fighting against. Muslim extremism? Possibly religious extremism? Radicals? Why are there radicals only in muslim nations? No answers. Out of 175 countries, the last 5 were all muslim, but no answer.
Apparently, the claim made by the smartest and most influential religious people, and probably backed up by the philosophers, through their cave narratives, is that human kind was confronted with racial inequality long ago, and they had some type of mental break. They could not consider the ramifications of what they glimpsed, so evil took over, and deeply conquered the human psyche, to dominate the world until the curse is lifted. They could not measure people actions reasonably, they became ultra sensitive to condemning some, or complimenting others, and they did not want to hear evidence that implied that racial inequality was a permanent condition. The only tools that society had to pull itself out of destructive wars, sometimes provoked by not having proper defenses, or displaying profound illogic, were the morals that they could muster while the mass of knowledge that was available pertaining to unequal peoples interactions, was buried under a choke point of lies and censorship.
It is easily provable that the majority of the American media is racist against the Jews of Israel. The democrats especially, but also the republicans adopt anti semetic talking points.
Not just fascists, but imperialists as well. But the western paradigms of debate, still defend the potential destruction of Israel, through the two state solution, so right and left are anti semetic imperialists.