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Inviting everyone to www.christianbody.net livestream starting at 9 Mountain Time with Hotseat, where we will be talking about A New Prophetic Era. Drop in if you can...

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Here is the final edit for the Resilient Truth Video. Please post the link and share as the Lord leads. This is some amazing stuff that can help many ministries, churches, and individuals stay ahead of the censor game.

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Amazing things happening nowadays. I'm posting the videos from Friday, and getting back to posting the Resilient Truth Invitation for the conference tomorrow. It's critical that we keep communication channels open so we can maintain connections in the BOC (body of Christ) and the conference can help.
We just touched on "Answers For America" last Monday Night Alive, and I thought we should continue tonight. Instead of hacking against the evil, let's offer answers birthed in the Holy Spirit! Tonight live at 7 Mountain on www.christianbody.net


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Here's the invitation to the Resilient Truth Online Conference Feb. 23 at 1 p.m. We believe this is critical info for anyone who is using the internet to spread the Gospel. Please share and spread the word. Blessings, Grover

Resilient Truth Invitation

Resilient Truth Invitation

Invitation Resilient Truth Conference ARE YOU BEING CENSORED, banned, de-platformed, or just not showing up on social media? Attend our online RESIL...

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