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Heinrich Mueller Leader Of Hitler's Gestapo And His Son Robert Mueller Leader of The "Pit Bulls!"

Heinrick Mueller, Leader of Hitler's Gestapo! The Gestapo was Hitler's Secret Political State Police responsible for rounding up Dissenters to the Nazi takeover of Germany! These Dissenters  were arrested, interrogated, and sent to Prison! Others were executed! Heinrick Muellar was in charge of arresting the Jews and other undesirables sending them to Consentration Camps, starving them and  Burning the bodies in the Crematoriums through out Germany! This is the Father! Robert Muellar, Assistant US Attorney in Boston 1986-1987. Documents show Robert Muellar Sent Four Men to Prison to either rot or die, knowing they were innocent to protect a Mafia Figure, Joseph "The Animal" Barboza! Later when Robert Mueller was Director of the FBI these four men came up for pardons , He instructed the FBI Agents to oppose the pardons of these four innocent men; Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone and Joe Salvati ! Mueller's reason for not pardoning these Four Men; Because, he said, exculpatory evidence that had long exsisted was just "fodder for cross examination." Families were awarded $102 Million! What do Criminals Look Like,  See Above!