Come now, let us reason together (Isiah 1:18)

Thoughts on the futility of gun control

Anytime an item is legally banned, it’s price on the street goes way up. It does not become unavailable, it does not even become scarce, it only becomes lavishly appraised. In addition to this is the fact that the situation gives rise to unsavory groups building power (contacts and money) becoming difficult or impossible to unseat. Prohibition (the eighteenth amendment) is a glaring example. Alcohol actually became MORE prevelant after it was illegal and we were gifted with an organization which lasts to this day, almost a century after, called loosely “the Mafia”. Illegal drugs is a further modern example. In any large city drugs are usually no further than a few well placed requests (and an amount of cash) away.
Fully automatic weapons have been so tightly controlled as to be illegal. The excuse to violate the 2nd amendment was the gang warfare in 1920’s. Anyone who does not think they are unavailable (illegally) needs a keeper and gang warfare is considered a popular sport still in our large cities …. So who cannot get automatic weapons? The people the constitution intended to have them – the citizen.

The above facts are very familiar to most politicians which is why they use deception and outright falsehood to disarm you. They, like any citizen with an IQ higher than his shoe size, know that gun control ONLY disarms citizens and endangers (not protects) them. A simple look at the gun control utopias of America will show you that. This is why every atrocity is followed by almost hysterical propaganda and knee jerk legislation. England is an Island, and they cannot rid it of guns. What chance do you think the US has?
So, if any rational human can find out that I am right (please feel free to research) why does this situation exist? Well, one thing continually follows disarmiment of citizens ….. study all the infamous dictators rise to power. Because there is only one reason to void the Second Amendment …. to allow the very action it was written to prevent.

Think about it