What does Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates Have In Common?

Mark Zuckerberg: I Created FACE BOOK in my College Dorm!   Not True, DARPA {Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency} created a Surveillance system called LIFELOCK !  It was supposed to be Terminated in 2004.  Funny thing, the same day it was Terminated LIFELOCK became FACE BOOK! The Big Wigs left DARPA and became Directors at FACE BOOK!

Jeff Bezos: AMAZON Fame buys The Washington Post with His Money:  Not True, CIA gave Jeff Bezos $600 Million to buy the Washington Post!   Why would the CIA give Bezos Money to buy a Newspaper?  Which Newspaper located in Washington, continues to attack our President?  CIA continues to give Bezos $600Million each Year!   Cloud Storage? Yeah, Right!

Bill Gates Invented Computer Operating System: Yes and No, IBM in 1980 approached Bill Gates to build them a operating system for their Personal Computer. Gates didn't have an Operating System so he bought one from another Company and Edited the Software to work on IBI's Computer! He wouldn't sell  Source Code to IBM. He charged IBM a Licensing Fee, Founded Microsoft continuing to License  MS-DOS Software to other companies. Gates went on to bigger Things!  Bill Gates Admits Vaccines are used to Depopulate the Earth from 2.2 Billion to 1.3 Billion, Roughly 1 Billion Less People!  Youtube Video Bill Gates Talking!            I say we start with Them!