Hillary Clinton was almost Queen of the USA ! Thank God She Didn't Make It!

The Truth Is Hillary Clinton was within a Breath of being in Charge of America! Through the Grace Of GOD and the Prayers of the Elect in Christ Jesus, America was granted a reprieve of the upcoming Disaster known as Hillary Rodham Clinton!  The Destroyer of Countries and People! Of all the Tryants in History, Hillary ranks at the Top! Everything and Everyone She was associated with was either Corrupted or Destroyed. Hillary controlled Far More People and Countries than Bill Clinton! Bill Clinton was more about pleasing Himself and getting along with people! Hillary Clinton didn't care what people thought of Her!  If they didn't work out, She got rid of Them, one way or the other!  She is the Personification of the Shrew!  Without Morals and completely capable of Elimating anyone or anything standing in the way of her Plan!