Scales of justice behind the scenes, or A deception with some gifts mixed with poisons? An inevitable future, or all of

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Progress in Israel. The Israeli establishment exposes itself A full month and two weeks before the election, but how deep is the exposure in the hebrew media?

Scales of justice behind the scenes, or A deception with some gifts mixed with poisons? An inevitable future, or all of the above?

I think Bennett should answer Feiglins challenge for A debate and explain his absence during the vote on extending the majority required to negotiate for Jerusalem. I vaguely remember that vote and thought it passed. It would seem impossible for Bennett to ignore Feiglins challenge to Bennetts legitimacy and consistency in his policy of supporting the objectives of the ‘real right’. His recent about face already put his credibility in question, the video of his absence during the Jerusalem vote invokes thoughts of dishonesty that must be addressed. Know them by their deeds.

Hopefully there isn’t A test on how well I remember bills being passed and fake video evidence or I will have to hire A secretary and put her pay on A credit card.

I think the left in Israel refused to join with the Netanyahu deceptive right party in the past because they did not want to expose how rigged and dishonest the Israeli government really is. That implies that unless Feiglin gets enough votes to stop them all, they will have the votes to push through one more declaration of support for ‘peacful’ accommodation and agreement before they are exposed as hostile to the Jewish people of Israel. It will be weak in persuasion and legitimacy, just as when the right and the left join forces in Europe against the people and their ‘populist candidates’, and something apparently similar happened in America in relation to Trump.

I haven’t followed Otzma Yehudit, but I don’t see why they would join A coalition block that would not vote to maximize the defense of Jerusalem, nor does it make sense that Smotrich would join such A party, why not form A bloc with Zehut or speak of it as being natural if there was this obvious division of objectives.

Eventually the government will stop competing with the people and their choices and become blatantly tyrannical, like Merkel openly supporting ignoring the democratic will of the people. The ruling class will stop pretending not to be biased, or to give options, or not to openly seek means of oppressing and attacking the majority people and various other peoples by dividing and conquering them openly, which wont work nearly as well as covertly.

 Well there seems no other option, discourse is still tightly controlled, they seem to be able to see us coming and vote to betray us before we expose them to everybody, so vote Feiglin till he betrays us to, assuming he does. This implies that Trump was just another gatekeeper with A few visible gifts in his pocket as well. In G-d I trust.

It isn't scales of justice if voting for the right party gets us attacked. They also tell us the deception will be so persuasive that even the elect will be deceived.