The America I Once Knew

America is not the nation it once as. I know. I am 70 years old and I can tell you that America has changed, morally, politically, and spiritually, and not for the better!

In the America I used to know...

Abortion was unheard of. 

Schools did not promote politics or religion in the classroom. 

Schools and libraries did not indoctrinate children with trangenderism or homosexuality.

There was no assault on the 1st and 2nd amendments. 

There was no attempt to take down the POTUS.

Schools taught 2+2 =4, not common core.

Gun control laws were not necessary, and mass shootings were extremely rare.

A sanctuary was in a church where people came to worship, not in a city or state where criminals came to escape.

Politicians actually talked to one another, and compromised, for the good of the country.

There was no border crises because immigrants came here legally with good intentions.

We brought our lunch to school, not expecting a handout.

There were no death threats just because a person did not like another.

People talked to an actual person standing or sitting next to them, not someone on Facebook or twitter.

A business could refuse service to someone without legal consequences. They simply went somewhere else.

There was no debate over male and female because all people had the common sense to know that there have always been only two sexes based on anatomy and genes.

There was no such thing as political correctness.

There was “liberty and justice for ALL.” 

There were no school shootings even though students brought rifles for hunting or other purposes.

Much more could be said. What has really changed is human nature! Think about it.