As a motorcycle rider and an American loving patriot, I was seeking an MC that fully supported my values.
I wanted to ride with a group that had passion and purpose. A group that not only supported the Constitution but DEFENDED IT!
There was a voice calling out, a voice that proclaimed FREEDOM, RIGHTS, & BROTHERHOOD! That voice had passion, purpose and fought for the rights of bikers EVERYWHERE...
- End Biker Profiling!
- Stop the U.S. Gang Data Base!
- and to maintain ALL our rights as American citizens!
That voice was from the Sons of Liberty Riders MC... when I heard it, I loved it! I felt like my passion, love for America and the BIKER WORLD had met up with so many others who were “like minded.” Can you hear that voice?
President, Sons of Liberty Riders MC, Houston Chapter.
We are a National Motorcycle Club. If you are looking for other like minded patriots, forming a brotherhood that serves ALL MC’s, MM’s, RC’s and all independent riders RIGHTS.
If you get profiled, or pulled over while riding... remember the 3 R’s;
1. Ride
2. Record
3. Report
...We are ALL in this battle TOGETHER!
Not ALL veterans are patriots, and not ALL patriots are veterans. But if you are a patriot, you love your country and the freedoms that are written in the Constitution, SOLRMC is for you! If you are ever in the Houston area, hit me up! We can hangout and ride!
Much Love, Loyalty, Honor and Respect,
Smoke, President
SOLRMC Houston, TX
TXCOC&I Members


Our forefathers sought to create a “more perfect union”, and did so with the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights. Sons Of Liberty Riders MC are actively involved in reclaiming these ideals and restoring the Republic. We believe in STRICT adherence to the founding documents. We live by the mantra “Nulis Vereor” (No Fear) and are the Ghost Riders and Mechanics of today in honor of the original “Loyal Nine” and hold all elected officials accountable to their sworn oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.