I am an Ezekial 3:17 Watcher on the Wall. God wants the nation to hear His words in these times of strife and uncertainty. These Letters from God are exactly as His Holy Spirit gave them to me. Not one word has been changed, added, or deleted.

These are His instructions to me:

"Take pen up and copy my words. The parchments and phrases will hold true and will be here when the airwaves are gone. There will come a time when all that can be counted on of the Scriptures will be what has been copied down by my scribes and saved. The prince of the power of the air does not wish for these to go through. He will fight you for your return. Get wisdom and get understanding of this present time.

"There has been a shift; there has been a change. Things will not be as easy and simple as they once were. Store my words in your heart. Write down my words as my scribe, as my prophets did, and store them for safekeeping. Speak the words I give you to say as it is needed. Go where I tell you to go, to whom I will send you; cast that net there.

"Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, rejoice. Be captivated by none but me. I am the husbandman, you are my bride. Put not your faith in this world or the technologies of the world. But, put your faith in me, the Godhead, the three-in-one, the Father, the Son, the Holy Ghost.

"In Jesus' name, Amen."

Letter from God given to a Watcher on the Wall
Sept. 15, 2020

To: The Body of Christ

Be not perplexed by these trying times. They are an abomination to man and God, but, rise up and make a stand. Walk out the dreams and purposes I have put you here for, saith the Lord your God. March on in my strength. Carry the words to the nations that I give you.

Rise up and go do my bidding. Now is not the time to be still and silent The years of the lax church are gone. Rise up with fire and purpose in your hearts. Carry the word of God. Carry the hopes, dreams, and purposes of God. Place them on the forefront of people's minds so that they are known. Do not be lax. Do not be fearful or timid. Do not say, "I am too young," or "I am too old," or "I have no gift," for this is not true. Repent. God has given gifts to man for this very hour. Rise up and walk in them. Rise up and go where I send you, saith the Lord.

Tear down the walls of generations. Tear down the walls of disease. Tear down the walls of poverty and lack. Tear down the walls of color. The Lord your God has created and established each man and nation. It is God who has set them in their place and given them their distinctions. God sees the hearts of His people, not the vessels they are housed in. Man is a three-fold being of body, soul, and spirit. He must take care of each one to be healthy and free. God sends help to do that and to show him the way.

Recriminations are about to come for major decisions that have gone out so far. Be still and see the glory of God rain down. Do not fear. Do not be disturbed. For every temptation, God will show you a way out. You shall overcome.

Testify to the glory of God, His goodness, and His grace. Keep your eyes on Jesus and off the world, and you will stay in perfect peace. You know the plans, will, and purposes of my heart, saith the Lord. I have plans to give you a hope and a future, to give you an expected end.

Bless the name of the Lord Most High. Run with my word and go in peace.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Letter from God given to a Watcher on the Wall
Sept. 13, 2020

To: The Body of Christ

Thus saith the Lord God on High, I am for you, I am not against you. I will provide in your time of need. I will draw you near as my child. I will never leave you, nor forsake you. I will not leave you in lack. Follow after me. Follow my word. Follow my voice in the Spirit. He will lead you out.

Look to Revelation 12:17, "And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war on (sic) her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." Now look to Revelation 12:11, "They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony,..." Fear thee not my little children, for I am with thee, I am not against thee. I will gather thee under my wings, as a hen does her chicks.

Praise God for the glory! The victory is won! The enemy has been defeated. Our enemy has been overcome. Praise God, the victory is won!

There is a time for all things under heaven, saith the Lord. Look to Ecclesiastes 3, there is a time for peace, but also a time for war. There is a time to gather up, but also a time to cast out. Be prepared, but follow my command. I will lead, you must follow. You must do your part. Gather together, at my directive.

I am separating the sheep from the goats. Be as the church of The Way. Help one another with your needs. Be kind, patient, gentle, long-suffering, loving, generous. Provide for them who are the least and have no strength. Build them up and provide for them a place to go. Do not render evil for evil, but overcome evil with good.

Place your cares on me, saith the Lord, for I care for you. Fear not the coming day, but strengthen yourself in my word. Be as David's loyal men, strong in power, strong in strength and deed. Pull down the strongholds that have been erected against me and my church.

Look unto me as the author and the finisher of your faith. Testify, think: What has Christ done for you? What has Christ Jesus brought you out of? Remember and do not forget. Stand to your feet, my church, my soul. Testify! You have overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of your testimony.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Letter from God given to a Watcher on the Wall
Sept. 12, 2020

To: The Body of Christ Jesus

Pick up the stumbling blocks. Take up the stumbling blocks that have been laid down in the path of my word. They are preventing my true word from being taught. Lay down and lay hold of a firm foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and set my people free. Give them the true gospel. Restore my church by preaching and teaching the real gospel of Jesus Christ, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

Rise above circumstances. Rise above fear of failure. Rise above fear of man. What will they say? What will they do? It does not matter. The Lord thy God is the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings. He is the lover of my soul and the righteous one. He has given gifts to men and has set the captives free.

Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Restore my church. Lay a firm foundation. Give hope, peace, love, and grace to the land of the living.

A wind of change is blowing across the nation. Even in the hard times the Lord of Host is setting His captives free. He is recharging and restoring the stony hearts of man. He is giving the dry bones life and raising them up from the dead. Yes, He is setting the captives free.

He gives hope to the poor and the down-trodden. He gives sight to the blind. He makes the lame to walk, the deaf to hear, and the mute to talk.

Is there anything the Lord God cannot do? No, but, He has given freewill to man. Choose this day whom you will serve. You cannot have two masters, lest you love one and hate the other. Love not mammon, riches, and money. Love not this world, for it is passing by. Love God, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, and love one another, as you love yourself.

Do not be moved by every wind of doctrine, giving ear to every new thing that comes along. This is how the church has gotten off course. Now they are part of the world. The church is to be in the world, not of the world. They are to be set apart, as a shining example of how to act and how to live. They are to be a shining light (a beacon) on the hill. They have departed from this place. Now it is time for the Watchers on the Wall to call them back to their true place. It is time to wake them up and restore them to their true place. Come out, come out of the world, my church. Come out from amongst them and be made whole.

Your fame, riches, and glories cannot help you in the end times. Give them over to God in the pursuit of men's hearts and souls. Be not as children, uninformed, but walk as children of The Way. Be informed of the baptism in the Spirit, possessing, and walking in His will.

There is confusion in the land There is confusion in the world. God is not the author of confusion. Confusion comes from Satan, the enemy of God. Satan is the enemy of the cross and is the enemy of God's people. Satan comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. He does not want God's plan nor His people to go forth. Seek God for clarity. Come out of the fog of confusion. Rise above it and stand fast in the word of God. Be directed by the Holy Spirit. Do not be moved by what you see, feel, or hear; but, be moved by the word of the Lord. Be comforted by the Spirit of God.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Letter from God given to a Watcher on the Wall
Sept. 8, 2020

To: The Body of Christ

Break up fallow ground. Sow my seeds. Click on "Streams in the Desert." My word is in the airways already. Follow the old paths.

Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, for their hearts are faint and their countenance has fallen. Restore the Temple. Build my Temple first, before your own. Pour the glory into me first, foremost. Put away the gods and idols of this age. Follow after me.

Restore the old paths. Sow in fallow ground. Restore my home. Restore my throne. Restore unto me my church. Feed my sheep.

Look not to yourself for answers you do not hold. Look unto me, the author, and the finisher of your faith. This is not the final story. This is not all there is. Look to the things that cannot be seen. What is was created by what cannot be seen.

Pick up the old ways. Restore (clear out) the old paths and walk in them. Righteousness, liberty, justice, and strength are from me (my Spirit), saith the Lord. Justify not yourself, for vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. I will repay.

Restore the sheep pen, fill it, and feed my sheep. I will provide the ways and the means and the glory. Restore hope. Restore a firm foundation of truth. Be witnesses. Be doers of the word, not just hearers. Till the soil. Break up the ground. Replenish and fertilize the soil, then till the ground. Enrich it for things to grow. This is a dry and dusty land, but there will be streams in the desert.

Parchments are called for in the last days. Hide not your strength, for I am your glory. Be not distracted by this modern age. Satan is the prince of the power of the air, but you do not serve him. You serve me.

Run your own good race. Set your own good pace. Restore the fold and bring in my sheep. I have been separating the sheep from the goats. There are ravenous wolves among my sheep, because the shepherds have let their guards down.

Pick up your mantle and run with it.
Feed my sheep.
Restore the lost.
Clothe the naked.
Give food to the hungry.
Give water to the thirsty.
Restore homes.
Take care of the widows and the orphans.
Take care of the aged and the infirmed.

I will set this world back on end.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

Streams in the Desert:

Letter from God given to a Watcher on the Wall
June 5, 2020

To: The Body of Christ

There is a civil war coming of good and bad. It will take place in the political arena. It is no coincidence that social disrest has come at the time to vote.

Bring down the strongholds that are going up against me. Fight a good fight of faith for your nation. Corruption cannot come and stay where I dwell.

There will be looting, burning, rioting, destruction of property, destroying of life. Due to my man who cannot be removed from office, they will be unable to take it. They will be overcome with rage, anger, and indignation.

This is a spiritual war being raged in the earthly state of politics to take control. There is but one God. Choose this day whom you will serve. Be still, let not fear generate. Be calm and courageous in the Lord. Rest in His will, rest in His strength, rest in His arms, and all will be well.

Keep your eyes on me. Guard your hearts from fear and doubt. Look not on this hour with despair, but with hope. Jesus Christ is the Lord of Glory, the author, and the finisher of your faith.

Be as David and his mighty army. Rejoice in the Lord, watch, and pray. Though hardships come against you for my behalf, trust in Him (as the Hebrew children) to see you through.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

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  • I am an Ezekial 3:17 Watcher on the Wall. God wants the nation to hear His words in these times of strife. These Letters from God are exactly as His Holy Spirit gave them to me. Not one word has been changed, added, or deleted.