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If you're on, it's the Vet's Den... very active with almost 5,000 members and growing FAST! Join us there cuz' the board is VERY, VERY active!

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If George Washington would have been stacking bodies by now, then why in the hell haven't We the People shot many of the thousands of enemies who are overthrowing our state and federal governments to ultimately murder millions of Americans?!

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National Guard occupied White House continues its shared about IMPEACHMENT...what they want is to criminalize the most beloved president in American History. The Cabal can't take it: their lies have been unmasked:THEIR CRIMES EXPOSED

Just as cruel regimes the world over like to torture their political victims, the Democrats are trying to cram their own words down the president’s throat before letting up on their attempted criminalization of what in reality is, a vastly admired and still much beloved president.


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