Video Bible Study of 1 Timothy – Importance of Elders and Their Qualifications
We have ten video studies of Paul’s first letter to Timothy now available online. Our most recent study of 1 Timothy 3 examines the work and qualifications of elders/bishops/pastors.
You can access all videos from our studies on 1 Timothy and on Joel on my YouTube channel here:
You can also access these videos plus some topical sermons from my website at
You can download a copy of the questions we are using for our study of 1 Timothy here:


Lessons from a Star: Christians Should Shine
Like the stars in the sky, God created Christians to shine. The good works Christians do should bring glory to God. See our free Bible study at


Relationships between Races and Nationalities

Prejudice, unfair discrimination, conflict, hatred, riots, and alienation often exist between people of different races or nationalities. Is there a solution to racial strife and bigotry? Can we be united in Christ? This is the topic of this study. It is available on our website at


Blood that Speaks Better Than That of Abel

Scripture compares the death of Jesus to the blood shed by Abel. Please consider lessons we can learn from the comparison about worship, sacrifices, and the new covenant.


Video Bible Study of Joel

Our study of the Old Testament book of Joel is now complete.
You can access the videos from my website at

All six videos are also available online on my YouTube channel here:

Our plan is to begin studying the book of 1 Timothy. You can download a copy of the questions we are using for that study here:

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