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Feb 23-29 – Bible study questions – Psalm 18
Please read Psalm 18 and answer the following questions:
13. Application: What lessons should we learn from David’s plea and God’s response? 18:19-24
14. Special Assignment: List how God responds to different kinds of people – 18:25-27. Explain the significance.
15. What could David do because of God’s blessings – 18:28,29? Explain.
16. What can these things teach us about God and His word – 18:30,31?
17. What did God’s blessings do for David – 18:32-36? Explain the meaning.
18. Application: 18:37-42 describes David as a man-of-war. What war do we fight as Christians today? What can we learn from David about the war in which we serve?
19. How did these events affect David’s role as a king or ruler – 18:43-45?
20. What praise did David express to God in 18:46-48?
21. Describe the praise David gave to God in 18:49,50.
22. Special Assignment: Where is 18:49 cited in the New Testament? Explain how various expressions in psalm 18 would fit as prophecies of the Messiah.
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Hide Me Under the Shadow of Your Wings

David prayed for God to protect him from his enemies. What enemies and dangers do Christians face today? What promises has God given to protect us? What must we do to receive God's help with our troubles?

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The Virgin Birth: Myth or Historical Fact?

Does the Bible teach that Jesus Christ was born of a virgin? What evidence is there that Mary conceived Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit with no relationship with a man? What are the consequences of denying the Virgin Birth as liberals and modernists do?

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This Bible study is presented by David E. Pratte. Learn more about Jesus' teaching at https://gospelway.com #bible #biblestudy #religion #jesus #christ #god #christianity #truth #gospel #scripture


Feb 16-22 – Bible study questions – Psalm 17,18
Please read Psalms 17,18 and answer the following questions.
1. What did David ask of God in 17:1,2?
2. Why did he hope God would answer his request– 17:3-6?
3. For what specific problem did David seek God’s help – 17:7-9?
4. How did David describe his enemies in 17:10-13?
5. How did he compare himself to his enemies in 17:14,15?
6. List the illustrations David uses to describe God in 18:1,2.
7. What problems did he have that caused him to call upon the Lord – 18:3-5?
8. Describe God’s reaction when he heard David’s cry – 18:6-8.
9. How is God’s coming described in 18:9-13?
10. What happened on earth when God spoke – 18:14,15?
11. Special Assignment: Explain how God’s conduct benefited David in response to his prayer – 18:16-18.
12. What reasons does David give why God delivered him – 18:19-24?
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You Will Not Allow Your Holy One to See Corruption

Who will be found acceptable to God? What characteristics should we possess to please Him? The psalm says: "My flesh also will rest in hope. For You will not leave my soul in Sheol, nor will You allow Your Holy One to see corruption." About whom is this speaking and what does it mean? What evidence does this provide about Jesus, His resurrection, and the Bible as God's word?

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