The Drawing Power of the Cross

Jesus said His death would draw people to Him. Consider how the cross is the power to attract people to Christ, and notice the lessons we can learn regarding the Lord's Supper. Free #biblestudy at


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Issues discussed include government policies regarding marriage, abortion, euthanasia, family roles, homosexuality, gambling, sexual morality, drug abuse, education, divorce, raising children, etc. We discuss these issues as God-fearing Bible believers, and we urge you to evaluate our messages carefully in light of Bible teaching.



The Importance of Doctrine

Some people belittle the need for doctrinal preaching. Our free #biblestudy presents the teaching of the Bible about doctrine. Free worksheet and outline.


Revelation and God’s Eternal Purpose

People sometimes see the Bible as simply a group of miscellaneous stories and religious teachings. The intent of this study is to show that the Scriptures actually reveal a plan and purpose determined by God from eternity and developed throughout history. Free #biblestudy at


Sharing Our Wealth: Proper Use of Possessions

Scripture teaches important principles about trusting God, not riches, and willingly sharing our blessings in God's work in order to please Him, help others, and be rewarded eternally.
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