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P.S. I am unaware whether or not someone outside of twitter can participate. Unfortunately I'm not on twitter so if that's the case, I can't participate.


I've been a big Ruger fan since the mid-1970's when I bought my first Ruger rifle, the Ruger 10-22 Carbine. I had purchased a Remington tube feed .22 and it seized up on me after firing less than 200 rounds through it. I took it back to the dealer and they took it apart and all of the internal mechanisms were so fully rusted, they offered me the 10/22 as a replacement. It was the best rifle I have ever owned. More accurate than anything I had ever owned. Bore sighted at the factory, I could pick pine cones out of a tree at 200 yards. I shot virtually hundreds of squirrels with it in the same fashion all on one weekend afternoon. IMHO it would be a great sniper rifle. Doesn't make a lot of noise, just a "crack" on firing. A .22 LR hollow point would be devastating to anyone shot in the head with it. Now days you can't find it much cheaper than $400.00. My original I loaned to a "friend" in 1994 and she never returned it or reimbursed me for it.
I should have had her arrested for theft.

About 4 years ago I came across the same model for sale at a Walmart in Post Falls, Idaho when I lived there. It was on sale for $250.00 and I jumped on it. It took over 2 weeks to be approved for the sale, and when I got the notice to pick it up, I waited 3 more days because I was too busy to pick it up. On the day I picked it up, the Manager for sporting goods at Walmart received a message from corporate to reduce its' price. I made out like a bandit because they knocked another $125.00 off the purchase price. I got it for less than I paid for the original one, which was $130.00 in 1975.


Why would anyone still want a 30-06?
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This might be funny if it wasn't so true. That said, if you own a sidearm, CARRY IT everywhere you go! If you don't own one, this is your clue to get one. I personally recommend a Ruger 57 with a 20 round magazine.



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