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6 days ago - Translate - Youtube

This is what our military thinks of Mr Fraud President.

20 days ago - Translate

The more I learn, the more I now believe the Capital Building 'attack' was a setup by anti-Trump people. Including McConnell, Pelosi, and ANTIFA.
From barricades being removed to allow protestors access to the building, to Pelosi and McConnell leaving to the basement just before people entered the building, to the raised fist of ANTIFA inside the Capital Chambers, to the hammer and sickle tattoo of protestors inside the building.
Now they are talking about using the 25th to remove President Trump so he can no longer challenge the well known and planned fraud and conspiracy of democrats, globalist, communists, and RINOs.
If Donald Trump does not act quickly, the only option left for America is CW2.0

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