An Appraisal of Abp. Viganò and His Analysis of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict

SUMMARY: … I have become a bit of a fan of the Communist Pope’s Catholic critic in Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. … He has stands against COVID Tyranny, against a Global Deep State and some brave criticism against his papal father. … For a Catholic fellow he has a great grasp of the Ukraine-Russia War:


“When Humans Become Cyborgs.” A Glimpse Into the World Economic Forum’s Transhumanist Agenda

It is unsurprising Leftists (by any Socialist-like appellation) are supportive of ONE-WORLD Government – WEF – New World Order idiotic anti-Liberty and anti-American ideology. It is sad that even RINO and Establishment Conservatives wittingly or unwittingly are gravitating toward such idiotic ideology.

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy is a card-carrying WEF’er. Supporting Zelenskyy places one on board to end the America our Founding Fathers formed.


A couple of days ago I ran into a We Love Trump website post on Transhumanism which is a part of the WEF vision for a New World Order (NWO) society. Here is that post:
#cyborgingmasses #transhumanismwef


Medical Kidnapping? Breast milk-dependent infant deteriorates in state custody

I am still a bit confused why and how an Idaho pediatrician (Aaron Dykstra) could claim child endangerment to trigger a Medical Kidnapping of a child that only days before was released from a clinic with a full bill of health.

When I first read this story a MSM outlet vilified Ammon Bundy for protesting the Medical Kidnapping which went on to report the 10 month old kid’s weight loss and queasy stomach to justify Medical Tyranny against some Christian parents. I chalked the story up to a local issue and moved on.

THEN I discovered some left-out details should stoke the flames of Parental Rights over abusive government tyranny. Here are those details the local and MSM news selectively left out courtesy of America’s Frontline Doctors:
#policekidnapbabycyrus #medicaltyranny



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