What lessons has Shariah taught us? LOOK AT #5!

On 6/15/23 Paul Sutliff sent a Youtube link to The Sutliffian Report video teaching. Essentially that video is a roughly 2-hour discussion on the Christian perspective of Sharia Law examining “Reliance of the Traveller” which has been a handbook for Radical Islam. As a Christian this is a KNOW-YOUR-ENEMY moment. It is a lengthy video so watch and digest as your time permits.

The key that I like toward the end of the video: Christianity is THE ONLY Belief System that offers a Savior… WATCH & LEARN: https://bit.ly/3NgCOva
#islamexposed #salvationinchristalone

SlantRight 2.0: What lessons has Shariah taught us? LOOK AT #5!

SlantRight 2.0: What lessons has Shariah taught us? LOOK AT #5!

  Title is the Subject line from the Email John R. Houk, Blog Editor Posted June 17, 2023   On June 15, 2023 Paul Sutliff sent a You...

Pat Robertson- Legacy and Love for Israel
A CBN Tribute/Legacy Video

I was sad to discover Pat Robertson passed on June 8. I subscribe to the CBN email list and as such ran into to a tribute/legacy video for the man of God. VIDEO POSTED ON BLOG: https://bit.ly/3NpxpmA



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