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We ain't going anywhere... THE "MAGA PARTY" IS EMERGING.
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To hell with Democraps & Republicans
Also, No "Jobama Stuff" unless it's bad news for The Left

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This Left-Wing organization reveals what the Democrats plan to do during the 2024 Election so MAGA needs to counter this:

Tactics of Democrats for 2024 Election:

1) Targeted television and digital ads that have been message-tested and proven effective, including ads capturing President Biden's impressive victories on climate change, reining in the greed of the pharmaceutical industry, rebooting the economy, investing in infrastructure, canceling student debt, and more, as well as ads about Trump's lies and crimes to air during his televised criminal trial in Georgia.

Our Answer: Run counter ads showing the facts of climate change being a hoax, failure of Bidenomics, etc. Is your life better or worse during Biden vs Trump?

Democrat Strategy
2) A revolutionary voter turnout strategy proven to be five times more effective than traditional tactics. It's called vote tripling, and it involves individuals reaching out to their own friends and family members to help them make a plan to vote. MoveOn first deployed this tactic in 2020, and data shows that it helped to turn out more than 100,000 voters!

Our Answer: MAGA has to do same thing with less money from big donors like Soros, etc. Gotta get friends and neighbors of like mind to the polls possibly carpooling.

Democrat Strategy:
3) Empowering local organizers on the ground in swing districts. There are 18 districts across the country that President Biden carried in 2020 but were won by Republican candidates for Congress in 2022. MoveOn is laser-focused on defeating these candidates in 2024 and has invested in building local cohorts of dedicated organizers who will lead the charge to motivate their communities to vote in 2024.

Our Answer: Ensure voter turnout with block walking and going door to door and getting organized prior especially in swing states, putting ONE candidate forward who is America-First and not split the vote, and try to get Trump to give endorsements to those candidates.

Asking for Feedback
This is a work in progress. I am asking for your feedback. In a few days I will be scheduling online meetings to demo My Take Live and have a discussion. Stay tuned.

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The Freedom Activist's Online Toolkit

The Freedom Activist's Online Toolkit

Let's get smarter than they are - and let them know it.


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