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COVID Manchurian Brainwashing

SUMMARY: Have you ever seen the movie “The Manchurian Candidate”? For a little clarity The Manchurian Candidate was first a 1959 novel, then a 1962 movie and finally to date a 2004 movie remake. You will not it this way from the Left-committed Wikipedia which I acquired the dates. NVERTHELESS, the movie (1962 is the best) is about how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Communist Soviets brainwashed captured American soldiers in the Korean War to be planted back in the USA with a groomed to manipulate one of those soldiers to become POTUS via Machiavellian politics and assassinations.

The CCP and Dem-Marxists are undergoing The Manchurian Candidate experiment – QUITE SUCCESFULLY in my opinion – upon Americans with COVID brainwashing to accept the will of the transformed Big Brother State making Government-think the only reality.

Time is slipping away now seemingly daily for Americans to reclaim the heritage our Founders initiated.

Below are two relatively recent articles followed by a few videos awakens a few to refuse the brainwashing:

SlantRight 2.0: COVID Manchurian Brainwashing

SlantRight 2.0: COVID Manchurian Brainwashing

  John R. Houk, Blog Editor © October 18, 2021   Have you ever seen the movie “ The Manchurian Candidate ”? For a little clarity The...

A Matter of Life, Death and Liberty

When see or hear “for the greater good” from a Dem-Marxist or their mouth pieces, you should ask yourself, “Whose greater good?” I am here to tell you the ONLY greater good a Dem-Marxist is the good of Dem-Marxist control of your personal life. Restricting the Rights in the Constitution or the Inalienable Rights from the Creator ARE NOT THE GREATER GOOD! Justin Smith elaborates:
#demmaxisttyranny #bornfreeresisttyranny

SlantRight 2.0: A Matter of Life, Death and Liberty

SlantRight 2.0: A Matter of Life, Death and Liberty

  When see or hear “ for the greater good ” from a Dem-Marxist or their mouth pieces, you should ask yourself, “Whose greater good?” I am he...

IceQued - Okay, pep talk before I do some zzzzzz's. Why are so many away from Q and what have they taught us? Some do it on purpose to misdirect and some have lost their way. I realize Q hasn't posted since Dec 8, 2020 but don't you think there is a reason? OPS ARE LIVE, PEOPLE. Are you not going to pay attention? Everyone wants to point to the Bible when things don't make sense, but why do we forget what got us to this point in the first place? Trump woke us up and Q turned us into spiritual savages. This was not an accident. Don't forget where you came from and why you are here....

For those still in limbo, do you really think the bad guys created Q? Cmon man. Why the hell would [they] want millions and millions of mentally bulletproof people running around, countering their every move and screwing things up? [THEY] WOULDN'T!!! You're not mad at Trump and you're not mad at Q. You're mad because you're not getting what you want right this second. What part of "this was never tried" don't you understand? GROW. THE F 'UP for screaming out loud!!! I mean this with love, but I expect more from you. This is not the Facebook Confirmation Bias Vortex and this is not a game. If you are on Telegram I am saying you are special. They have given you the gift of vision, now use that to do some good! Help others find their way and think logically. Stop being afraid to tell people what they don't want to hear. You were awakened for a reason. Never forget that 💙🐸.

Using the public to counter the narrative [propaganda] through controlled media.
Analysis [start-to-now] shows situational awareness [decoupling from MSDNC control of information (channels 1-99)] of public expanded at massive pace.
Attacks show [can be defined as] loss of generalized information control.
Must expend ammunition [pattern network attacks to defend and coordinate] to counter.
MIL-CIV Alliance.


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