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The ruler of the world shows his
true face.

In Revelation, the last book of the Bible, the apostle John describes how Jesus, as Archangel Michael, conquered the devil and demons and casts them out of heaven.

He describes the catastrophic consequences as follows:

"Woe to the earth ... because the devil has come down to you and is very angry, knowing that he has only a short period of time".
Revelation 12: 9, 12

How does this great anger show?
When criminals have their backs to the wall, they often go by the motto "dominate or destroy". The devil and the demons are also determined to drag the earth and men with them into perdition. Satan is running out of time and he knows it.
That is why he uses a key element of human society - big business -
to fuel a real consumption frenzy.

The result:

Worldwide natural resources are being exploited and the environment is being destroyed. This puts the survival of mankind at stake. Revelation 11:18; 18: 11-17

The devil's thirst for power has always found expression in politics and religion.

Revelation depicts the political powers as wild animals that have received "great violence" from the devil. She also condemns the unholy alliance between politics and religion as heinous adultery. Revelation 13: 2; 17: 1, 2

Just think of the long history of oppression and slavery, wars and ethnic conflicts that left millions of people dead. Can one honestly say that the horrors and horrors that fill our history books are the effects of normal human behavior? Or were there evil spirit forces at work?

The Bible
leaves no doubt as to who has always directed leaders and world powers, and it rips the mask off his face. Our society consciously or unconsciously reflects the personality of its ruler and also follows the motto

"Dominate or destroy".

But how long will people be under the devil's knot?

The devil's last breath!

Christ's ministry on earth in the 1st century heralded the end for the devil and demons.

When Jesus' disciples told them that they had cast out demons, Jesus said to them:

"I saw Satan already fallen from heaven like lightning".
Luke 10:18

This expresses Jesus' joy at his future victory:

He would return to heaven and there, as Archangel Michael, conquer the ruler of the world.
Revelation 12: 7-9

As a close examination of biblical prophecies shows, he achieved this victory in 1914 or shortly thereafter.

Since then, the devil has known that there is not much time left before his destruction.

Even if the Bible says:
"The whole world is in the power of him who is evil",
Millions of people have not fallen for his desperate attempts at manipulation.
Through the Bible, they have a clear picture of who he really is and what he is up to. 2 Corinthians 2:11

What Paul once wrote to his fellow believers gives them hope:

"The God who gives peace, in turn, will shortly crush Satan under your feet".
Romans 16:20

The devil will soon be over and over. Under Christ's loving rule, righteous people will transform the earth - the “stool” of God's feet - into a paradise. Hatred, violence and greed will then forever be a thing of the past.

The Bible says:
"The earlier things will not be called to mind".
Isaiah 65:17

What a relief
for all,
who shake off the yoke of the invisible ruler of the world and no longer allow themselves to be determined by him!

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