FAKE PROFILE EDUCATION: Let's fight back against scammers. The purpose of this group is to educate every genuine member on how to deal with scam artists with the “I-R-B” sequence -- (Identify. Report. Block.)

All social networks have fake profilers. So let's make USA.Life as scam free as possible. Join this group: https://USA.life/fakeprofiles

1). IDENTIFY a scammer who may message you with a “Hi” or “Hello”. The conversations may get strange and creepy almost immediately as they attempt to build trust with you. A scammer can impersonate a woman, a man or a public figure...and some may even like this Group in order to make you think they are legitimate. Eventually they WILL ask for money or your personal financial information. Some may ask you to buy, let's say, a $200 Amazon card and then give them the account number of that card.

2). REPORT scammers by clicking the 3 little dots on the right, directly underneath their name (click: Report this User). Report what the person wrote to you. In this manner, the USA.LIFE experts can become our safety net, by determining if it is indeed a fake profile.

3). BLOCK them by clicking again on the 3 dots on the right, directly under their name (click: Block User). They will never bother you again.

If you want to post in this group your experiences, please feel free to do so...AFTER you have already reported them to the USA.LIFE team.

USA.LIFE is a brand new social media platform and fake profilers have started coming here too. Please don’t get discouraged, but let's fight back and make USA.Life stronger. That's why it was important to launch this group.

It’s nothing new. Facebook and Twitter have thousands of fake profiles.

Some scam artists come on strong with flirtatious or just plain awkward introductions as they seek to engage you in their confidence game.

Some of the images they use are of curvy, busty women that they take from anywhere on the Internet. But that imaging will probably change to more "ordinary-looking" people as they seek to adapt their methods to this social media platform.

The ultimate ploy that scam artists use is to tell you a sad or compelling story designed pluck at your heart strings…is to try to get you to send them some money. Any small amount.

Some will even try to develop a business relationship. Still others will try to connect on a spiritual level to get you to help their "mission".


a). To alert everyone, so that genuine USA.LIFE members will not be run off this platform by the negative impact of the fakers.

b). To educate USA.LIFE members — especially vulnerable people — that the ultimate goal of each scam artist is to extract money from you.

c). To help the over-worked USA.LIFE team in some small way by “deputizing” all of us real members to implement the I.R.B. sequence every time a scam artist is revealed.

d). Everyone is encouraged to become verified. That way, when you see the check mark next to someone's name, you know that they are a genuine profile. To become verified, click on the 3 dots next to your name and you'll see how to request verification.

Be understanding.
Be discerning.
Be patient.
Be kind.
Be alert.
Be helpful.
Be grateful.


Are YOU Ready to be Manipulated by Technocratic Diktats?

SUMMARY: A video was borrowed from The Epoch Times TV and is narrated by Roman Balmakov exposes Google’s Operation Jigsaw – A Plan for Big Tech to manipulate Sheeple by calling TRUTH “Misinformation”. THEN A Lily Bit writes “Schwabian Cyberpunk” on WEF transhumanist societal transformation. WATCH & READ to escape Sheepledom: https://bit.ly/3Zj75yv
#operationjigsaw #schwabiancyberpunk

SlantRight 2.0: Are YOU Ready to be Manipulated by Technocratic Diktats?

SlantRight 2.0: Are YOU Ready to be Manipulated by Technocratic Diktats?

John R, Houk, Blog Editor © January 6, 2023   Yesterday while sharing on various Social Media Platforms I belong to, I came across a B...

Every governing body in America is abusing We The People, accusing us of terrible crimes, calling us vile names, and canceling us. When is enough enough?

When Is Enough Enough?

When Is Enough Enough?

The American people can only take so much abuse from the government.

#books #reading #fantasy #fanfiction
The Scribe of Texas is a web site where you can read online fantasy novels, fan fiction for Zootopia and Star Wars, short stories, poetry, and political commentary. Best of all, everything is free, no gimmicks, no registration, no commercials, or anything. Explore and read to your heart's content. ENJOY!

Scribe of Texas Home Page

Scribe of Texas Home Page

Michael V. Wilson IS the Scribe of Texas. He has written 'The Universe of g-Minor' and 'Two Trails', epic adventure fantasy Sci/Fi sword and sorcery books set on an alternate world called Gaia. There's also Zootopia and Star Wars fan fiction, short

Beware. First message from this guy. ?


So this profile messaged me yesterday https://usa.life/Willismicheal12

And now when i tried looking at the profile, the profile does not exist. Was it a fake profile too?



Watch out for FAKE PROFILES. They are on every social network, even this wonderful one. Most use bogus photos of females from the Internet. Often it is a man posing as a woman.

A scammer can also pretend to be a man, a military member, pastor or a famous person. Their goal is to get you to give them your money, phone number or financial information.

When messaged by anyone wanting to fulfill all your desires...just imagine a man sitting in an Internet cafe.

Be safe. Confirm the people you meet online are real