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Australian wildfires -- good video explaining geo-engineering of the weather as the cause (however, please excuse the wording at the end of the video which contains profanity):



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I'm wondering if Australia is being attacked with engineered climate disasters because they are coming out vocalizing support for Julian Assange and wanting to push for a passport and his return . . . just look at the chaos happening in Australia with engineered weather: https://www.brighteon.com/bb14....92c9-1b68-4baa-9a9a-

Breaking: Australian Fires hitting Critical Mass as the Whole Country Under State of Emergency!!



Breaking news as close to half of the Nation of Australia is on FIRE!! Making the country look like a War Zone as 100,000's are being evacuated, as 10,000's of homes & businesses being destroyed & over 10 million acres burn & co
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A CLARIFICATION IS NECESSARY HERE: I'M NOT ASKING GOD TO KILL THOSE CHEMTRAILS PILOTS even though He may and I couldn't care less, but there are rules of engagement, besides I can't find in my heart a reason to ask for that, I'm not justified to ask for that, but I do ask that their airplanes be brought down...how God wants to do is up to Him. Now, there are times, I believe that Christians can ask for the death of an evil person and many of us, thousands upon thousands, asked for the death of McCain and within a month he was as good as dead, with a lethal disease. Conversely, I know of a physicist and atheist who had the same condition and was given a very short time to live (don't recall exactly if it was a month, two or weeks). His wife was a strong Christians and amassed thousands of people to pray for him and within ONE WEEK, you heard me right, the man was completely healed, and he did become a believer and was saved to receive eternal life. WHAT IS MY POINT? Quantity matters when it comes to praying....the same scenario brought evil McCain down... and if we love God we can't love evil ....I don't even know how his daughter can love him....I truly adored my father but he was one of the best person I ever met... If quantity didn't matter Jesus, our Lord and savior, wouldn't have asked the disciples to pray with Him. So, please, join me in prayer to destroy the plot of globalists and if you think that we ought to love evil doers, ask yourself this simple question WHO DO YOU THINK IT HELP THE SOLDIERS TO DEFEAT HITLER? THE DEVIL OR THE ANGELS OF THE LORD? Do you think God loved Hitler? AT one level, the agape level , he did, but that is the only level that a loving God can love an evil person. I need to take care of my cat. See you all later

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I don't know what they are spraying now, but one can hardly breath in. The air is extremely heavy and the helicopters are keeping a watch to see who is interfering with their spraying.....I hope all of them drop from the skies....no, I"m not praying for God to forgive the chemtrail sprayers...I'm praying for God to drop their airplanes. That is the kind of Christian I am: a warrior and when I have time I'll post countless scriptures where God tells you how much He hates evil doers. He, God, has agape love for everybody (translation: compassion)...I'm a prayer warrior and I work on the side of the God of Abraham and Jacob, the God that loves good and hate evil....please join me to bring down those who are the enemies of God. I need to get off the line because the air here is unbreathable (is there such a word? I hope so)

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  • THIS IS the largest crime against humanity in human history. We are a family-friendly group that welcomes everyone everywhere to learn about the jet trails in the sky, technically known as "Chemical-Aerosol-Injection", commonly called "chemtrails".
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    Chemtrails are highly toxic and must be stopped. We're working together to bring an end to this crime against humanity.