Many years ago, I was the Chief Judge for the national Concourse d'Elegance Jaguar show. The finest cars from across the nation competed in more than two dozen categories - each hoping to be obtain a flawless, perfect score.

At the awards presentation later that evening, while standing with the President of Jaguar Cars N.A. on one side, and Ian Callum, head director of design on the other, I announced the winners to hundreds of anxious owners who had spent many years and untold hours and dollars bringing their cars to perfection.

After congratulating all the participants on their participation and before announcing the winners, I soberly reminded them that despite all the time, effort, and money spent, that just one wayward NAT found by a judge that was missed somewhere would be the difference between being “perfect” or not.

As today’s scripture tells us, likewise God cannot look upon or accept anything that is not 100% perfect and pure. Even if you have lived and worked diligently by living an exemplary life, just one sin in your life as small as a single 'nat' is what seperates you from perfection.

Friend, no matter how hard you work on the 'car' of your life, the eternal judge cannot judge you as 100% perfect unless you ask God to wipe clean every sin from your life. The GOOD NEWS (Gospel) is that when Jesus Christ died on the cross, his sacrificial death cleaned away EVERY 'nat' of your sin. All you need do to be perfect in this judge's eye is simply and honestly ask him to do so.

At the end of this life’s 'show,' how will your life be judged?

God Bless Your Day
Jesus Loves You
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