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2 days ago

The Hotseat program is about addressing "the forbidden issues," and few issues are more inflamed at the moment than that of racism. The Christianbody.Net team will take on this important conversatiion tomorrow (Friday) at 9 MDT. Much prayer has gone into this program, and we believe it will bring much healing and reconciliation. Please join us at www.christiianbody.net.


3 days ago

Pat will be on at 9 MDT, with the fifth segment of his series on Navigating Grief. Sometimes we think of grief in terms of the loss of a loved one, but it can be ANY loss... health, job, profession, etc. Things that we are ALL dealing with. Join Pat today as he shows how to get into and stay in our RIGHT MIND...


4 days ago

Hey Everyone... Tomorrow morning at 9 MDT, Pat Trembly, Christian Counselor will continue his series Navigating Grief, for all of us who have suffered loss. Then, at 10, the NM National Day of Prayer ministry team will be sharing, and at 10, Mark Tross brings a powerful Word, and some homegrown insight. Check it out on www.Christianbody.net website.

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