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I have run into a weird issue with MX linux. When I turn the monitor off then turn it back on the resouliton changes to the max resolution of the monitor. Not sure why it does it, I made a script to double click to change it back but I found that odd.

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Been running various distros for several years now. Initially started out with Ubuntu back before Unity. Then found Kubuntu with KDE4 and settled on that for many years, After the release of KDE5 started distro hopping again. I like how OpenSUSE looks on my main computer, but have video issues. Finally settled on MXlinux 18.3, and I like how it offers a little of everything.

JUlinux 18 was released on May 18, 2019. Like JULinux 17, JULinux 18 is based on Ubuntu MATE 18.04. Waterfox which is based on Firefox 56 replaces SeaMonkey, Firefox, and Chromium as the installed browser in the 64 bit version. Firefox is the installed browser in the 32 bit version. The iso of JULinux 18 has been slimmed down to just 1.2 GB. New boot plymouths with the message "MAKE YOUR COMPUTER GREAT AGAIN" have been added. Steam gaming platform has been added to the full install. LibreOffice is now an option on the full install.

I recommend JULinux 18 to be installed on laptop and desktop computers that do not have JULinux 17 or C4C Lubuntu ReSpin. Those who have JULinux 17 should stay with that version at least until a JULinux based on a future Ubuntu 20.04 is released in 2020. Those who are using the 64 bit version and want to install Waterfox can add the following PPA.

http://download.opensuse.org/r....epositories/home:/ha /

Those who want to add Steam to JULinux 17 or any Ubuntu 18.04 install should add the following PPA.

http://repo.steampowered.com/steam/ precise steam

The above repo will also work on JULinux 12 and 16 and Ubuntu 16.04.


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